Hoplaboom - Mobile Game to buy
This package contains a mobile game ready to be used for IOS and Android on Smartphone & Tablet.This bundle is for Game Studio, Indies games developers or people with no knowledge in Coding or Design who wants to make a revenue from a mobile game.
I advice you to use the correct version of Unity to open my package. Don't use Unity 2018 to use an Unity 2019 project (Some new features from Unity can affected the package, so be careful) Thank you :)
  Public domain licence (suited for unlimited commercial projects)
  The package contains 2 Folders (Assets,Packages) to be open in Unity
  Includes assets (UI, 3D model, Animation, FX, Font,Logo, Materials, Prefabs, Scene)
  Includes 17 scripts C#
  ✔ Includes Grid Motion
  ✔ Includes Color management for each new level
  ✔ Includes Swipe System
  The game is contained in 1 scene
   Include one video to overview the package in Unity
  This package does not include Sound/Music 
If you have any questions before purchasing on my package please send me a message. 
   Can this package be used for commercial purpose
       Yes. All included game assets are public domain (Creative Commons Zero) licensed.
  ?  Do you provide a technical service
      Yes. The game is stable, but some technical issue with Unity can happens because of the version of Unity and new features from them or some settings or other stuff. Please contact me if you meet some of them. This service is for the next 2 weeks from the purchase.
  ?  Do you refund
       No. Once purchased you get the full project and contains for life, I offer only a follow up of your purcharsing if there is a technical issue or question to the package. Contact me(Only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) .

There are 2 prices available.  €  1.000 one is the normal price  €  2.000 one is to get exclusivity of this game(mean that the game won't be available for sell anymore).
Once the offer made and accepted, you will receive the package.
Who am i ?
Giovanni GASPARETTO, I'am a 3D lead Animator for Animation Movies, I'am a Mobile Game Developer, I'am an Actor and Director for live actions and Animation movies
 License: (CC0 1.0 Universal) You're free to use these game assets in any project, personal or commercial. There's no need to ask permission before using these. Giving attribution is not required, but is greatly appreciated!